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So I haven’t been on here in a long time.  I know…I have neglected my duties as a blogger…lol…blogger.  I’ll always laugh at that word.  A lot has happened since my last website post.  

First, I became the Senior Vice Commander of the VFW Post 8677 in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  That has been the biggest challenge as it took a lot of time, energy, and not to mention it has literally tried to take a piece of my sanity!  A lot of people thought that the VFW was their own personal club and was bringing it down into the dirt.  So changing the mentality of a place is always the hardest.  Then, OMG, planning events was another big challenge.  The VFW is a volunteer organization…getting those volunteers is hard!  So most of the time is was 2-3 off us doing the entire events and sometimes just me!  That is taxing on the mind.  I mean, I understand if you have to work or have family plans…but if you join you should volunteer at least once… Ah well.  So the VFW is doing better now.  It is getting away from the club mentality and getting back to helping Veteran’s.  So it is worth it.  

Second, I have been, of course, fighting with my PCOS.  I went to a specialist…and in fact have another appointment with another specialist today.  I was on the Depo shot a little over a year ago.  I found out that shot has seriously harmed my hormones and was exacerbating my PCOS.  Come to find out any birth control with hormones does in fact exacerbate PCOS.  So I got off of it and have slowly been getting back to the norm…lol…norm…  The weight is coming off and it isn’t such a struggle to get it off now.  I still have a ways to go to get where I need and want to be, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.  I have a lot more resources to share about PCOS also…man it was really exploded.  There have been many more cases of PCOS.  I think this has something to do with our environment.  The research really isn’t out there about the causes of it, but all of it does agree that there are a lot more cases emerging over the past 10 years.  If you look, it is also affecting more of those in more technological advance areas…Hmmm

So here is what I know right now.  My symptoms have lessened since I started the Paleo/Primal lifestyle.  I have rid my house of all cooking plastics or things that could possibly leak harmful substances into my food.  I have highly filtered water.  Boiled water isn’t enough anymore because it doesn’t take the particles out of the water, it just kills bacteria.  There are a ton of chemicals in our drinking water because of people flushing pills, industrial plants, and landfills.  All of that goes back into the water and unless they distill that water before the send it out to the public it will remain in that water.  Gross, right!  I know.  Some people would be like, “it isn’t that bad…”  But it is.    There is also Sugar in everything.  Seriously look at the labels.  Please tell me why there needs to be added fructose or corn syrup to canned tomatoes?  Tomatoes are sweet on their own!  So I learned how to can anything and everything.  If I can, I avoid buying pre-packaged items…even if it is canned.  Fruit!  Canned Fruit has 4x the amount of sugar the fruit actually has because they pack the fruit in syrup!  Have you ever just had canned fruit with out all that added crap!?!  It is sweet, you don’t need more sugar added to it!  Ah, sorry…I’m ranting.  I do that.  So I think it is partly due to environment that PCOS is becoming more prevalent.  And until one changed their lifestyle, your symptoms will remain to haunt you.

I have kept cooking and making recipes and will be posting my old ones and then put my new ones on here.  Hopefully they help you along with learning from my mistakes or having luck with my successes.  


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