Wednesday Fun Day

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news I am trying something new….Lets see if I can’t keep it up.  I like to make different snacks for the members of my gym.  I told them I would bring them in on Wednesdays.  These snacks can be recipes I make or recipes of other Paleo/Primal followers,  as well as post the day’s WOD.

Today was my first Smoke of the Summer Season.  The ribs were on sale for $6.00 a rack….WHO COULD PASS THAT UP!!!!!  I sure as heck did not!   So I smoked some ribs today.  I like to expose my meat to as much smoke as possible.  Some people like to wrap their meat up in foil at a certain point in their smoking, but me, no.  I leave min open to the smoke.  Once I see the meat is starting to achieve that wonderful blacken surface then I will lay it on a foil bowl to keep the juices from escaping, but will leave it open to the smoke.  This gives it such a wonderful texture and flavor.  I like my ribs juice and a bit chewy.  I do not like greasy or soggy meat.  I want to be able to sink my teeth into the rib and tear the meat off.  I usually smoke ribs for about 5 hours.  My marinade is pretty simple, but I will be experimenting with some more over the summer months.  This one is basic: Salt, Garlic, Paprika, Coriander, and Cinnamon then drizzled with Olive Oil to keep the spices on the meat and to help them soak into the meat.  I usually marinade for 24 hours and then let the meat come to room temp about an hour before I start smoking the meat.  This lets the meat really absorb those spices.  The rest is up in Smoke!  🙂

The second treat I took in was a recipe by PaleOMG!  It is a Chocolate Zucchini Bread.  It is very simple and very easy and extremely tasty!  I like to put strawberries soaked in honey with a bit of whipped cream (coconut whipped cream lol) on top.  It is so so so, oh…hold on I have to go make one right now…..       Ok, that was good!   One thing you should know about putting honey on fresh strawberries; the honey makes the strawberries sweat.  So if you make the strawberry honey mixture at night, in the morning you will have a wonderful strawberry/honey juice to put on your bread.  It is wonderful!  It is also packed with some much wonderful goodness.  If you are dehydrated, go for that juice, you will feel so much better afterwards!

 6-3-15 WoD 6-3-15 WOD Results


Well that picture really did not come out that well….hmmm, OK, here is what it was:

  • Strength/Skill
    • 1 Clean and Jerk every 2 min (my 1RM is 150)
      • 1 @ 50% 75 lbs
      • 1 @ 60% 90 lbs
      • 1 @ 70% 105 lbs
      • 1 @ 75% 115 lb
      • 1 @ 80% 120 lbs
      • 1 @ 85% 130 lbs
  • Conditioning
    • 3 rounds for total reps (second picture are the results)
      • 1 min Row for calories
      • rest 30 sec
      • 1 min Double Unders
      • rest 30 sec
      • 1 min KB Snatch Right Hand 53lb/35lb
      • rest 30 sec
      • 1 min KB Snatch Left Hand 53lb/35lb

It may sound easy, but, dang I was sweating something fierce.  During the double unders my foot started to pull and I had to switch to single leg line jumps.  I was in a boot for 3 months because I tore the Plantar Ligament because of double unders, I do NOT want to do that again!  Nope.  Over all it was a good day.  My clean and jerks are progressing nicely.  I am pulling really nice, I had issues with that for a long time.  I kept just bouncing the bar off my hips, but I am getting better at the technique and I can feel it.  I am not having to chaise the bar.  I am doing split jerks, my last jerk was less than satisfactory, but it will do.  I still have a lot more I can learn.  I will keep going at it though and become as proficient as I can.  Hopefully one day I can get my Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Certificate and help people a bit more.  🙂  

Well let me know if I should add or change anything in the Wednesday Fun Day posts.  I would really like your feedback!

Remember to Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, and Hope for Tomorrow


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