Weekly Workouts 12-28-15 thought 1-3-15

http://asterchaussures.com/18904-dtf71352-rencontre-lozere-femme.html My recipe making has tapered off a little, but I am still active and always looking for new foods, herbs, and ways to better my health.  One of the important ways I increase my health is my daily work outs.  

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Strength                                                                                                      Conditioning

15 min to find heavy weight                                                                    8 min AMRAP: 15 dumbbell thruster, 15/10 cal row

I managed 255 pounds (1rm is 280)                                                      3 rounds 5 reps (25 lb dumbbell)

 3×3 EOMOM at 90%  (230 lbs)     

280 1 RM

Feeling:  This was my first workout since the Christmas lull.  The squat felt heavy today.  It brought out my sciatica and I could feel the weight in my back.  I had to be very, very strict on my form.  On days like this I get mad.  I will not let my injury let me fail.  If the pain gets bad, then of course I will take care of myself so I do not re injure my back, but it just really pisses me off.  I stretch, put on my tens unit, and then sat in the hot tub.  It has helped, but the sciatica still lingered.  I have my bi-weekly massage tomorrow, and will have her work on that.  If you are able to get a regular massage, I would recommend it.  My gym has a therapist at discounted rates for members and I take advantage of that.  It does help, especially after you do Max weeks.  Remember, with weights, no matter what lift you are doing, you need to take care of your body.  Listen to your body.  If you have soreness, then stretch it out. If you have aches and pains, take a minute and talk to your body to see what you need to do.  Be sure you are getting the magnesium, potassium, and calcium you need to keep your bone and muscle health at its best capacity.  Do not overdose, in these vitamins, more is not better.  You can poison your body, so talk to your doctor about what dosing you need and what to look for when you are deficient or overloaded.  F.Y.I.  To much magnesium will have you sitting on the throne more than normal 🙂 be fore warned! 


Morning:                                                                                                   Evening:

Took Ellie for a morning stroll.  Burrr!!!!                                              Krav Maga

Max trainer: 14 min, Max HR 171                                                                                                

Feeling:  Sciatica still present.  Duller than yesterday, but still present. My derrière is complaining on the Max-trainer.  When I finished the Max-trainer, it was screaming!  Tens Unit and Heating pad will be used at least twice today.  At 2 I have my massage, I will have her work on the sciatica and lower back to help release that stress.


Strength:                                                                                                           Conditioning:

20 min to work up to heaving 2 rep squat clean                                        18 EMOM:

then 3 x 2 squat clean (used 135)                                                                  :35 sec Cal Row (kept cals between 9-10)

I managed to hit a 1 RM Clean and Jerk at 155 it                                         :35 sec Clean and Jerk (Rx 135lb, managed 1 rep)

would have been a 2 RM, but I dropped it in the squat!                             :35 sec muscle up or burpee pull-ups (did burpee pull ups and kept it between 3-4 reps)

Feeling:  Oh the pain!  LOL. First the weight just felt heavy today.  It was awful.  I wasn’t the only one feeling the weight, but dang.  I was pleasantly surprised when I managed a Clean and Jerk 1RM.  I just said I would try and did it!  Nice!  The conditioning just painful and exhausting.  My shoulders were screaming bloody murder.  It got to the point where I couldn’t get my clean unless I squatted it.  All I wanted to do was crawl and lay on the floor.  I think I might need more protein lol.


Thursday:  New Years!

Ok, I was really busy this day so all I got in was my 14 minute Maxtrainer workout.  


Friday – Sunday:  Very much rest days, but did walk at least 1-2 miles.

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