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http://carrillostortilleria.com/?ver=1.5.1 http://qrudestudio.com/tag/wedding-in-dubai/ I’m Rachel, Rach, and Rachie!

I’m a Veteran of the U.S. Army.  During my service I received a back injury that ended up with me gaining weight and becoming depressed.  I tried everything to loose weight and get back on track.  That however was one disappointment after another.  Until the day I found Crossfit So IL in Carbondale, Illinois.

I knew about Crossfit.  It was being introduced into the military as I was leaving.  I dropped in and was greeted with a Smiling face and even more a knowledge about health and Exercise.  I joined.  On my very first WOD (Work Out of the Day) I was challenged with Wall Balls at 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for time.  I managed to finish the 40.  I went out and sat down on the front steps huffing and puffing.  Immediately more people came out, sat down next to me, and just started talking to me and giving encouragements.  It was GREAT!!!  That started my love for Crossfit and an introduction into the Paleo Lifestyle.

At that time I was in school for the Pre-Med program.  I decided to add some Medical Botany into my studies.  This led me to research the Paleo and Primal Lifestyles.  I bought the books, did the web searches and kept reading through my physiology books.  I ended up doing both lifestyles as there are certain things that are not allowed in Paleo that I can handle because of my genetic lineage, however I do agree with the science behind the lifestyles.  It takes a lot to change, but in the end it makes a better life.

During all this, I was still having issues with loosing weight.  I was swimming up to 3 hours a day and had a very strict diet.  It was a real bummer.  I talked with my doctor about this for a long time.  Hormone tests and other blood work was ordered.  After a week of no news I was getting worried.  The doctor was worried as well and had called me to let me know that the lab was running extra tests because I had a few results that were extremely abnormal.  My heart never stopped pounding until the doctor called me in with the results.  I had a very imbalanced hormonal panel and 4x the amount of insulin that I should of had.  I was asked some more questions:

“Do you have extra body hair?” – yes

“Do you, or have you ever been told you have ovarian cysts?” – yes

“Have you ever had excessive problems with acne?” – yes

“Have you periods been irregular, excessively heavy, or extremely painful?” – a very much yes

He then explained to me what PCOS was and that I have it.  He told me not to despair.  He put me on Metformin to help control my sugars and insulin.  With me finding Paleo and Primal I started to notice the weight was coming off, slowly, but coming off.  I eventually went to a Specialist and was put on Spironolactone, Phentermine, and taken off the Depo Shot.  Come to find out the Depo Shot is evil and if you have any hormone imbalance you should never take Birth Control that messes with your hormones!  So now that I know what was going on with me, I educated myself about the condition and in all my research found out that Crossfit and the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle is great for helping regulate PCOS.

I love to cook.  I have been cooking since I could reach the stove.  Cooking Paleo and Primal is a challenge because you can not use grains, sugars, or beans…The beans one sucks because I really love my Tex-Mex.  I like making recipes, they aren’t always pretty, but they taste good!  I have had explosions in the kitchen and several of my cooking experiments end in a joke.  But I love it, and hopefully you will too.


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