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http://808equipmentrentals.com/Q6zr6kCPj8 Jenni is just the perfecti-magnafique of gluten free pastries!  The things she can do with your favorite cake and cookie recipes is just amazing beyond belief.  When I can’t get my recipes to come out like I want, I will always head over to her page and see what she has.  She will either have tips on her recipes that will help me with mine or heck I will just use hers and make sure she gets all the credit for a delish dish.

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You can’t know Paleo with out Paleomg.  She is hilarious, knows how to dress, and can help you with tonight’s meal!



At most this is your one stop shop for paleo meal ideas, pointers, and source of all around food goodness….Check out her crispy chicken thighs…they are just to drop on the floor and drool for, lol.

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